Slim-frame - Frameless sliding doors AND FIXED WINDOWS


Maximise Your View

Our exceptional G2 Slim-Frame Window System is here! The newly designed Slim-Frames System gives a streamlined modern appearance with just a 20mm Frame visible in our Fixed Windows. The Slim-Frame Sliding Door System creates a wall-to-wall glazing appearance with concealed frames and concealed hardware. Flush sashes and tracks allowing for architectural designed projects to fully maximise vistas and provide a seamless transition from inside to out - perfectly suited to our Perth climate and lifestyle.

  • Maximum Views
  • Double Glazing - Standard
  • Concealed Sashes
  • 20mm Frame on Fixed Windows.
  • Concealed Track & Hardware
  • Slim Frame - Frameless Sliding Door System
  • Easy Roll - with Heavy Duty top and bottom rollers
  • Sashes up to 3m high x 2.4m wide
  • Seamless transition from inside to outdoors.
  • Made specifically for Western Australian building and environmental conditions.

Options to add in to all G2 systems are:

  • Breezeway Louvres
  • Aneeta Double Hung Windows

We will always provide advice on the best and varied options available to meet your requirements.


Concealed Hardware

G2's Slim-Frame Sliding Door System also includes easy to use Concealed Hardware -  in-line with it's streamlined aesthetic and to maximise views.                                                                


Fits The Budget

Many European frameless Sliding Doors are notoriously overpriced. We have designed our G2 System to be affordable, meeting local project budgets  - as well as exceeding the quality and functionality of many competitor slim line frameless Sliding Door systems. Come and have a look for yourself to compare.