Glazing Options + Double Glazing


Double Glazing is our Standard

G2 Windows and Doors combine double glazing and aluminium thermal break technologies to create a superior Window and Door System. G2s double glazing units at two 6mm layers of glass, spaced 12mm apart. The air between the glass dramatically reduces thermal and acoustic transfer, in contrast to a conventional single layer of glass. This delivers major energy-saving benefits by reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Perfect for our harsh Western Australian climate and coastal conditions.


Strength and Security

Two layers of clear toughened safety glass is fitted standard on all G2 Double Glazed Window and Door Systems, providing added strength, security and safety.  As a further protective measure, all glass surfaces are supplied with a temporary protective film.

Stainless Steel Security Screens and Fly Screens are available on our G2 Window and Doors Systems.


Glass Options Galore

G2 offers an array of glass options, so you can custom design your Windows and Doors to suit your project requirements including: 

Double Glazing - with thermal break, Single Glazing, Low E Glass, Tinted Glass, Frosted Glass and Glass Colours - clear, grey, green and blue.